Dyeing natural yarns

Tingere filati naturali

Ever been unable to find exact colour you were looking for a knitting or crochet project? Or maybe you only needed a little amount of yarn in a specific shade to finish your project and didn't want to buy the whole skein?

To get around these problems, you can opt to dye the yarn in question yourself. It's easier than you think and gives you the chance to fully customise your work.

Aybel fabric dyes allow you to dye any natural yarn, such as wool, cotton, but also hemp or linen. In addition, you can create special shades by mixing several colours together, or even opt for a blended effect with different colours.

The procedure by hand is the same you would apply for dyeing fabric and can be found here, however, to ensure that the yarn is well soaked in the dye, it can be placed in a plastic bag together with the dye bath.

Once dyed, the colour bath can be stored in an airtight container (preferably glass) so that it can be reused several times if necessary.

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