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Bring your old clothes back to life, easily dye by hand or in the washing machine with Aybel


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A new life for your old clothes

Whether it's your old clothes, bed linen or curtains, give them a second chance and bring them back to life with Aybel.



  • Which fibres can I dye?

  • How does it work?

  • Fixing stains

  • Change of colour

Aybel fabric dye can be used on all natural fibres and some synthetic ones. It gives excellent results on cotton, wool, silk, linen, viscose, bamboo and polyamide (Nylon). 

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Machine dyeing is surely a quick and easy option. However, dyeing by hand gives you te chance to adjust aim as you go and get more precise results.

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Bleach your overly stained fabrics before dyeing to ensure a beautiful and even colour at the end.

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Aybel fabric dye works by layering up on the original colour of your garment and doesn't replace it in the first place. This means your black t-shirt won't ever become yellow unless you bleach it first!

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