Thousand colours of ostrich feathers

Piume di struzzo di mille colori

Have you ever thought of using fabric dye to colour decorative elements such as ostrich feathers?

When it comes to fabric dye, the common use that immediately springs to mind is certainly for clothes and fabrics, either to completely recolour them or even just to freshen their colour.

However, this product is actually very versatile and can be applied to a variety of materials and surfaces ranging from wood to genuine leather or even feathers, as in this case.

Maud Ruby is a French fashion designer with a special interest in materials and textures. She has worked for the most famous French craft workshops such as Maison Legeron, Lemarié, Mad studio (by designer Eric Charles-Donatien), Sandrine Bourg, but also for several haute couture houses such as Givenchy, The Row and Dries Van Noten. Today, in her professional studio, she focuses her work on creating hats and artistic arrangements in ostrich feathers, destined for interior design and haute couture projects.

Maud uses Aybel dyes to obtain a range of different shades that she can then apply to her projects. The wide selection of colours and the option of combining them gives her the opportunity to create unique and sophisticated shades, created ad-hoc for the projects they are intended for.

Have a look at her website or her Instagram page @maudruby to find out more about her work and her story, you will be fascinated!

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