Hats off to Egija

Tanto di cappello a Egija

"Even though a hat is not an item that is washed during use, I had to find the right technique to fix the dye on the felt and achieve a result that would be brilliant and long-lasting.

I also succeeded in dyeing the grosgrain ribbon of the 'Forestiere' hat using an Aybel dye in a shade I could not find elsewhere, to match the colour of the leather used for the brim".

These wonderful hats are made entirely by hand by Egija in Chapolala, Camargue, France. Egija explains:

"Aybel dye allowed me to achieve my most ambitious projects. It is relatively cheap, easily available and quick to obtain. For me, as a hat maker, it opens the door to unlimited creativity.

I have to be patient because I have to apply up to 5 coats of dye to achieve the desired look and intensity, knowing that more than 24 hours can pass between coats for the felt to dry, which requires rinsing and checking the result on the dry product at each stage."

She continues.."I have a degree in fine arts, textile branch, so I can assure you that all it takes is willpower and creativity to realise the projects you have imagined".

Thank you Egija for sharing your amazing work with us at Aybel!

Visit Egija's website to see collections of her wonderful handmade hats and more! www.chapolala.com

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